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human resource management system

Recruiting is rather complex to perform. Many of talented people around interested in your job openings, but it takes time and patience to search the right suit for the job, the right suit for the team, and the right suit for the company. COMPANY automated the repetitive tasks and compress the hiring cycle for frequently best hiring results.


  • Employee Management System with Complete Record.
  • Maintenance of Employee Master, Employee’s Relative, Allowance, Deduction,Loan,leave etc.
  • Attendance System with In/Out Time Recording System.
  • Attendance for more than thousand employees within few minutes.
  • Maintenance of Employee Ledger, Payment, Receipt etc.
  • Reports for Provident Fund, ESIC, Minimum Wages, Bonus Act, Equalization of Wages etc. with complete details.
  • Printing of Salary Register, Form 1, Overtime Register, Form D, Form J, ESIC, Form 13, Form 9 Revised, Wage Slip, PF Challans, Form 3, Form 5 etc.
  • Employee Report, Attendance Report, Loan Statement and Leave Report.
  • Data Import Facility for Employee Database.
  • Access of data at a centralized location facility is available.
  • Especially for Manufacturing units, Offices, Small Business, Doctors, CA, Lawyers, Trusts, Clubs, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Retail Counters etc.
    This product is developed for better Business look.