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e-commerce portal

E-commerce solutions are developed by our division. As experts in retail supply chain management we can cover all aspects of e-commerce from startup, funding, merchandizing to marketing and customer engagement.
Getting the products online is just the first step, what is required is to keep the information synchronized with your back-office. Then the task of coming up with template-based promotions on various media like mobile, email, offline and online, all of this cannot be managed by a one-man shop or by your average web-agency. This is where we come in.


Separate Login for Online Users.
Detail report for both Admin and User’s for any online Order Purchase
Creative website with products details
Smoothly scale up your operations and site
Analysis of customer journeys to improve usability
Cart option for online customers
Detailed order and purchase entry at customer and administrator’s end
Option for Featured and Best Selling Products listing
Various Payment Gateway options are available.
Payment Gateway Solutions: